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Assessment & Reporting

St. Kevin’s Assessment and Reporting statement aims to reflect the philosophy and educational approach of the school. It is based on our belief that the school is concerned with the total development (spiritual, physical, social, emotional and intellectual) of the child. Therefore, all assessment and reporting procedures should be positive and constructive and take into account the dignity and rights of each individual.


Each child should be considered as an individual and assessed accordingly. Parents and teachers are co-educators of the children and should share information about their child’s progress. Children are active participants in the learning process and therefore have a right to feedback about their own progress that we should acknowledge. We as a school are accountable for the learning experiences provided at St. Kevin’s and the progress of our students.

How Do We Report?

  • Parent / Teacher meetings
  • Student portfolio
  • Arranged times suitable to parent and teacher
  • Program Support Group meetings
  • Written reports
  • An appointment is made with parents

Formal Parent/Teacher meetings

  • Term 1: P-6 information meetings
  • Term 2: Parent Teacher Interview
  • Term 4: If requested by teacher or parent

Written reports: Term 2 and Term 4