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Education Board

“The Mission of the School is to work in partnership with parents and pastors to build a community which is a centre of learning and a centre of evangelisation.”

(The Religious Dimension of Education in a Catholic School, nos 33,34)


The School Board has a responsibility to uphold and promote Catholic Teaching and a Christian way of life within the school community. Ideally, the Board should include parent representation from across all levels of St Kevin’s School, as it provides a forum for discussion, policy-making and shared responsibility for Catholic Education in the School. The Board has a duty to provide responsible, informed advice to the Parish Priest and Principal regarding the provision of Catholic Education within the school.


The Board’s functions include assisting the Parish Priest & Principal:

  • In the formulation and review of school policy;
  • By offering informed guidance regarding the school’s financial operation;
  • With the provision of quality education;
  • in accordance with diocesan guidelines the selection of a principal when an appointment is being made;
  • Developing school/community relationships and encouraging home/school interaction;
  • To welcome of parents and children new to the school;
  • To develop strategies for the local promotion of Catholic Education as required;
  • to ensure close ties with the Parish Pastoral Council by having direct representation from the Board on the Parish Pastoral Council.