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Cybersafety in School

Cybersafety issues are an important part of the school teaching program and teachers are working with their children to make sure they are safe online.


Cybersafety at Home

We all need to make sure our children are safe from harm in the real and online world. When it comes to the Internet we can play an important role in helping children have safe and positive experiences online. It offers an exciting world of experiences for children and family. It can be entertaining, educational and rewarding. However, using the internet also involves risks and challenges.


Children might be exposed to content that is harmful, violent, prohibited or even illegal. They may also experience cyber bullying or be at risk from contact by strangers. They may unknowingly or deliberately share personal information without realising, or that they are leaving behind content that might not reflect well on them in the future.


Often it is not a matter of trusting their closest friends. It may be a matter of opening it up to the friends of friends or others in the house that may gain access to personal information. If we take an active role in talking with our children about the risks and answering their questions about something that they find on the Internet you can help them stay safer online.

There are a number of useful websites to help your child become aware of being safe on the Internet ...

Information for Parents

Some Suggestions at Home

A few simple suggestions that might help you at home to monitor the safety of your children on the Internet:

  • Place computers and laptops that have network access to the Internet out in an open area in your house
  • Keep an eye on the use of iPads, iPods and any mobile smartphones that can access the Internet
  • Have a regular discussion with your child about appropriate use of the Internet
  • Have secure and up-to-date security software on your devices with adequate settings of security
  • Use the Restrictions Settings to limit what content can be accessed on iPads
  • If you wish you can set up parenting controls on computers and laptops that can monitor your child's use of technology
  • Have regular interest in finding out about your child's friends, hobbies and activities at school and on the Internet
  • Make contact with your child's Class Teacher if there are any concerns