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Learning & Teaching Policy

Learning & Teaching

  • is the provision of experiences, that are developmental
  • is holistic and appropriate to students’ needs in line with the requirements of state and national curriculum guidelines
  • takes place when students are actively involved
  • takes place when risk taking and learning from error is encouraged
  • takes place when there is recognition of the importance of family involvement in the students’ learning

For our Students:

We believe…

  • in fostering a nurturing environment in which each student feels special and grows in self-esteem
  • that all students can learn and deserve equal access to a full education
  • that love of learning should be nurtured as a lifelong process
  • that critical-thinking skills should be taught to enable students to resolve conflicts, make decisions, and identify and solve problems
  • that at our school we should all appreciate differences and celebrate our diversity

For Our School Community:

We believe…

  • that community participation in our school should be encouraged
  • that mutual respect, trust, partnership, citizenship, and good communication with the school community is vital
  • that when parents are involved in their child’s education students, teachers and parents all benefit

For Our Environment:

We believe…

  • that our physical environment should be safe, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and efficient in meeting the needs of our community
  • that ongoing maintenance of buildings and grounds is important
  • that all members of our school community should be aware of and act upon environmental and community concerns