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Religious Education

Christ-Centred Community

The Religious Education Program at St Kevin’s follows the Religious Education curriculum framework “Coming to Know, Worship and Love” in the Archdiocese of Melbourne and uses the texts as developed by the Archdiocese as the primary resource. This Framework presents ways in which the teaching and the life of the Church may, systematically and comprehensively, be the substance and direction of our Religious Education programs.


Our program aims to lead the child to faith in God through a personal growing relationship with Jesus Christ and an openness to the Holy Spirit within the context of Catholic Tradition. The program takes account of the different age levels and stages of development of the children. As well as formal, daily Religious Education lessons the children participate in -

  • liturgies
  • non-Liturgical Prayer
  • liturgical Prayer
  • Sacraments of Penance (Yr 3), Eucharist (Yr 4) and Confirmation (Yr 6)
  • Values program