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Restorative Practices


St Kevin’s has adopted ‘Restorative Practices’ as the basis for our student wellbeing/discipline approach.


Restorative Practices are about relationships between people who make up the community. Restorative Practices in the school setting views inappropriate behaviour not as school rule breaking but instead as harm to relationships within the school community. Restorative Practices are embedded within all levels of relationships across the school – that is a Whole School Approach. It is about teaching and modelling ways in which young people can be effective citizens. It is a way to achieve positive outcomes for students, teachers, caregivers and the school community.


Restorative Practices Principles:

  • Separate the deed from the doer
  • Talk about the effect of behaviour on yourself and  others
  • Use ‘collaborative’ language
  • Enhance responsibility through joint problem solving
  • Use future talk … solution focussed
  • Make a realistic and achievable plan
  • Build and nurtures relationships
  • Assist repairing the harm done to relationships in the event of conflict or inappropriate behaviour
  • Develop teachers and students to engage in these repair processes
  • Engages parents


At St Kevin’s, Restorative Practices currently include:

    • Affective questions
    • Circle Time
    • 2 minute Conflict Resolution
    • Class Meetings