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Student Wellbeing


At St Kevin’s, we view the partnership between home, parish, school and the wider community as an important element in the development of each student. ‘We promote a culture of relationships which upholds the dignity of each person. We strive to ensure that all have a sense of belonging to our school community which is a place where teachers and students work together to collectively maximize learning opportunities for all’ (School Vision Statement). The development and wellbeing of each student is central to our school vision.

Our Student Wellbeing Team supports the spiritual, academic, social, behavioural and emotional wellbeing of students through clear communication with parents and teachers.

The wellbeing of our students is fostered through:-

  • Student Wellbeing Team
  • Social Skills Program
  • Student Representative Council
  • Class Meetings
  • Circle Time
  • Whole School Assemblies
  • Sun Smart Policy
  • Reading Recovery Program
  • Transform-Us Program
  • Values Program
  • Grade 5/6 camps
  • Individual needs and integration programs
  • Positive Relationships: student-student, student-teacher
  • Positive involvement of parents
  • Restorative Practices for conflict resolution
  • Whole school approach to Social Emotional Learning