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Schools greatly appreciate parents and other helpers who assist positively with the implementation of the school’s programs. However, helpers must comply with the school’s policies, expectations and practices. In particular, the Child Safe Practices must be adhered to in accordance with the Risk Register.


Volunteers enhance the educational programs at the school, build partnerships between school and home and school, provide opportunities for parents to develop their skills and become active participants in their children’s education.


  • St Kevin’s encourages the assistance of helpers in a wide variety of areas.
  • Working with Children Checks will be conducted in accordance with CECV/National  guidelines.
  • Working With Children checks must be submitted and all volunteers must sign it at the Administration desk prior to entering the classroom areas.
  • Helpers will be briefed about St Kevin’s Child Safety Policy, Code of Conduct and procedures.
  • Invitations for parents to assist in the school’s programs will be regularly made via the school’s newsletter, orientation sessions or through personal contact.
  • Parent helpers for short-term projects such as day excursions, helping with reading, assistance with fete activities, working bees etc will all be briefed by the teacher in charge as to their roles and responsibilities prior to commencement.  At the same time matters of supervision and safety will also be discussed.
  • Parent helpers for longer-term activities or activities with higher levels of required expertise such as literacy support or school camps will be required to undertake appropriate training.
  • The school will conduct formal programs such as ‘Classroom Helpers’ to skill and recruit helpers to help in Literacy activities.
  • Helpers will receive frequent feedback and reinforcement.
  • Helpers in need of additional assistance will be provided with reasonable advice and guidance.
  • Concerns relating to helpers should be addressed to the principal.  Helpers who are not reliable or do not meet the school’s expectations will be required to relinquish their role.
  • All helpers will be required to sign into the school and wear an identifying name badge.