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On behalf of the school community, I extend to you a warm welcome and sincerely hope that your association with St Kevin’s will be both happy and rewarding for you and your child.


Commencing school is significant milestone in our lives. When our precious children begin school we join together in a valuable partnership. This partnership is a joint responsibility between the school and home. Our programs are linked to each child’s unique strengths and challenges. Each and every child will progress developmentally. The teaching and learning journey will be tailored to his/her needs and interests. We strive to provide a safe, happy, challenging and supportive learning environment.


The purpose of a Catholic primary school is to enable all learners to honour the sacred dignity of each person, to embrace difference and diversity, to engage with the deeper questions of life and to make a difference in the world inspired by the Gospel to act for justice and the common good. (Horizons of Hope, CEM, 2016)


Our approach to teaching and learning is to maximise the opportunities for all to grow. In order to do this it is necessary to understand the needs and interests of all in the community. This growth mindset challenges us to ensure that our educational programs are based on solid research and evidence. Our professional development of all teachers is underpinned by this philosophy.


It is vital that we engage with parents as partners, and you are encouraged to take full advantage of the many activities offered throughout the year. We welcome your input and feedback to ensure that these are rewarding and productive times.


Please be assured that all at St Kevin’s have the safety and wellbeing of all children as our first priority and look forward to travelling together on this very special journey.


St Kevin's adheres to Australian democratic principles and practices.


God Bless.

Anni Miers