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What an exciting time it is to be coming to school. At. St. Kevin’s we are up to date with the latest research in how human brains learn and the teaching methodologies that make it happen. We also have access to the most effective learning tools ever available. But the best thing of all? Is our team of the highly professional, skilled and passionate teachers, who know what it takes to ensure every child knows they matter, every day. St. Kevin’s is no ordinary school. Stand together with us and reimagine what learning could be – what it should be. 

This is the “St Kevin’s Way”. Are you ready to learn more?

Meet Our Principal

My aim is to give you an insight into our wonderful school. It’s an honour to be the Principal of St Kevin’s Primary School because of the high levels of academic achievement and the excellent reputation for the care and nurture we provide all children at our school.
To learn more about our school, we recommend starting with our online video tour. We have professionally produced dozens of videos that give you the opportunity to meet me, our teachers, some students, current parents, learn about our curriculum opportunities, tips to a smooth transition into school and so much more.

– Jason Micallef | Principal

Meet Our Teachers

It’s no real secret that the quality of a school is largely influenced by the quality of the staff. We are so fortunate to have a rich diversity of talent, experience, enthusiasm and energy and our teachers truly care. They care for your children and they want nothing more than the best for them. We also believe teaching children is NOT only done at school. We strive hard to build partnerships with you – our parents. It’s what makes us who we are.

Why “St Kevin’s”?

Too many reasons – not enough time!
So here are a few highlights in just over a minute!

Let’s Talk Curriculum

We are proud to have a wide range of opportunities on offer.


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One of the foundations of strong communities with healthy people (both mind and body) is access to education.

UpSchool is an online resource we invite you to explore,  immerse in and be inspired by.

This free and growing resource is our way of sharing positive and inspiring messages that we feel will have a direct and positive impact on our community.

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A Word From Our Parents


I can’t help but get emotional when I reflect on how blessed we are to be part of the St. Kevin’s Family. As they say, it takes a village to raise a child. We are so thankful to God for making us a part of the St. Kevin’s Village! All the love from all the teachers and staff are second to none and may God bless them all always!

Janice Ocampo - Parent (St Kevin's Primary School, Hampton Park)

Online Tour

The best way to start learning about us. We have professionally produced dozens of videos showcasing our amazing school.

Book a School Tour

The best way to meet us! We can show you around our beautiful school and answer any specific questions you have.


This free and growing resource is our way of sharing positive and inspiring messages with our community.

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